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    I agree with Socrates over here
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    -1. Although I don't doubt your ability to effectively run the regiment, I do feel that by granting you with the position of Field Captain so early on, your lust for power and ego would burst through the roof. Evidently, an important concept to understand in upholding this role is the responsibility to earn this position regardless of prior incidents or situations. My concern is that the power megalomania that could overthrow you would completely eliminate your ability to perform commendably when maintaining the regiment in an appropriate fashion. Not to mention, introducing a new Field Captain into a newer, more contemporary community, one of which you are not so familiar with compared to when you were previously active, could throw off many of the people wanting, desiring or aspiring to uphold the rank of Field Captain.
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    Neutral, you have shown promising qualities and are exemplifying your actions with professional development and deeds. The attitude you have expressed from your previous staff opportunities has improved drastically, however, I do see there could be improvement in few areas. I understand that you have worked, more than many other staff, but I believe emotions can get in the way of certain elements being Teamspeak Administrator. The most appropriate cause is to loosen up and take charge by the balls. Show initiative and ignore all the self-righteous lowlifes that try take you down. If you can push them out of the equation, your work would finally pay off. Willing to change to +1 if I see sufficient work in improvement and development.
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    +1. Activity on the MRP may lack quantity, however you have significantly higher availability on teamspeak and are a continuous expressing your above-and-beyond attitudes to assisting the players of the community. Your maturity has improved sufficiently from receiving staff many months prior and you have exemplified what it is to keep an appropriated, professional standard... at least from the tyrannical leadership you used to show.
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    -1. "Ghett Fahct." The simple yet controversial statement. I believe that your ability to maintain appropriate and professional manner within teamspeak is an important concept to understand and acknowledge. You severely lack the quality and therefore, must pick up your ability to perceive and deal with situations in an appropriate sense. I sincerely feel that this is a power grab... ignoring all the technicalities, on a scale of 1-10, how much of this is a power grab?
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    Strong -1 As @Clarence has stated, the player Ghett Fahct cannot take jokes, and I strongly agree. The poor effort you put into this Teamspeak Administrator application and made you look like an absolute fucking joke. Ghett Fahct
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    Know your rights filth.
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    I've been apart of this community for a number of months now but... I haven't seen anything quite like this before, bunch of idiots starting a revolution just cracks me up.
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    Not surprised brainwashed hoe
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    Fuck out of here with them planned out pranks, hoe ass. I'm unsubbing right now.
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    Hello guy my name is BIGDADDY! Im 32 year old man with 3 kids all named steven (2 girl, 1 boi) I am the Colossal Military Man Tournament Winner of last season and its my greatest acheivement so far in my life. I hope to find new friends and maybe a lover on this beautiful new website and hope not to cucked like tringee did with online girls I too am new to this video gaming community. but I once did army cadets and think i know alot about everything and stuff todo with being an ARMY MAN. A BIT ABOUT ME! I once had my cadet commander stick his finger in my bum bum, ever since then i have found miltiaryRP to be my new safe space. Just a fun loving server full of people that try and stick their finger in my bum bum I welcome you all into my home, thanks for listening, Stay gOlden and R0ck! on! Love, Big 'fucking' Daddy P.S here are some quality memes
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    If we're going into reputation, there's plenty other staff who have had far worse histories and yet made great moderators.
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    Lui ‘Loser’ Adams. yikes
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    This is what admins do when you have a ticket up
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    +1 I think he deserves a second chance, when he was on he was very friendly and helpful as well as he trained me.
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    But what was behind door number 4?????
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