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  1. Today
  2. lmao... Spetsnaz for the win
  3. where we all settled issues Can we get the Intervention Sniper rifle into the game please?
  4. Ok, First off, 1. RP? Really? If we are being strict on RP over balance why is the spetsnaz directly allied with the US and helping them against the taliban. They aren't in the fight against them. 2. Balance, Its a game, it needs to be balanced. Its just not fair at the moment for taliban.\ 3. Make SAS have an anti air if you want a counter to a tali attack thingy :P
  5. +1 Although I'm not even in the same side has Stubbs, he has still been very nice to me and he is quite active as I've seen him on almost every day this week. He does lots of roleplay and doesn't shoot just for a gametracker score. I believe that he deserves the role of Event Master.
  6. Hmmmmmm Neutral App seems good but idk about your activity hun
  7. Yep totally understandable I'm actually signing up for the Army Cadets soon and my mate is in it and has told me how busy it can get
  8. Thanks for the Feedback. As stated above i was at cadet camp and before that i was a school but as you can see in the photo i have resumed being over the top active Much Luv . Egor
  9. -1 seems to know very little of the server rules and how it runs.
  10. Yesterday
  11. I couldn't even beat the COD4 Prologue on the hardest difficulty 😞
  12. +/- Put a decent time into his app and gave some really detailed answers but the activity was lacking especially for EM raise your time on the server and I will change it to a +1
  13. No response. Closed. Before reposting, please respond to my question.
  14. Ban reduced to two weeks from original incident. Done.
  15. Denied It hasn't even been 24 hours since your incident. You may reapply when you have done at least 50% of your time (I.E a week.)
  16. Gonna go through and respond to a lot of the posts here. Its not. They don't. I even googled it! The only references to aircraft usage was when they hijacked them, and they only lasted briefly before being shot down. Practically speaking, anything bigger then a littlebird wouldn't survive long enough after its hijacked to make its way to the battlefield. Absolutely no. Not only isn't there any reference for in real life, it just doesn't make sense RP. With the new rules, it will make it so that US Officers won't be able to spawn attack helicopters, with them being limited to non attack ones. The attack ones will be donator only at this stage. There is stuff coming down the pipeline in relation to the non-attack helicopters. When it comes down to it, Taliban don't need attack helicopters. There's one simple reason. US doesn't have a counter for it. At the moment, Taliban currently has a counter for helicopters (Guided RPGs) while US has to rely on bullets. The only way I would even consider supporting the idea would be if US got rockets too (I.E Javelin or something similar). Before we start making changes, lets see how we go with the new regiments first yeah?
  17. I say the US keep the Chinook because it is still in use by the US but the Taliban gets the MH-53 Sea Stallion The US can keep the Venom but the Taliban gets the Mil Mi-35 The US keeps the LittleBird but the Taliban get the Hughes 500D All of these helicopters are in the WAC Community 2 meaning we don't have to download any more addons
  18. CovaL thank you for wanting to give me a chance but thay have all ready decide so that is that i would like to be unbanned but if i dont oh well
  19. I say give him a chance it seems like he actually wants to come back
  20. eleventeen thank you for wanting to give me a chance but a relies i screw up it my fault my responsibility i was i could have another chance but i cant so i will wait and try not get angered i have learn a lot in my time on gmod but old habits seem to all ways find me
  21. Lets give this nice man a chance, it really sounds like he wants to get back and check out this server. Even though he "mass rdmed', he fell into a bad croud of people. Why should we look down on him when we can help him?
  22. This is just creepy, we’re gonna get beasted.
  23. +1 would be a good balance between US and tali and in WAC there are helis that can suit the taliban more like mi8s or the mi 24s
  24. -1, What you did was your choice, no one else's, if you break the rules and get banned for it, that's on you. Wait the ban
  25. -1, where would you get the attack helis from? just gonna keep stealing it or get the US let you steal it?? Chinook and Venom are both a US Helicopter, not taliban.
  26. i +1 this they should make the officers go for a pilots test if they want to fly if they don't go to the sas officer they cannot fly
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