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  3. The person died on the rooftop, and on your side, the client side, the body fell down onto the ground (or some stupid physics was applied and it went flying). You then revive the person, from where their corpse is on your screen, and they get revived back to where they died/where the corpse is server side. Which is on the roof of the building.
  4. Pretty sure Canoon kept his rank while he was gone though. You stepped down from your rank, and was told to re-apply. I agree with others that you shouldn't apply immediately after coming back.
  5. -1 Also, United kingdom RDM'ed me and 5 other's, mixed groups of taliban and US. TMod MoonMan is my proof of this event happening. and a few other witnesses were there aswell.
  6. Yeah ok, But that doesn't explain why I've been able to spawn people on top of buildings.
  7. If you want proof I have screenshots of me and fivez standing next to each other and I'll say this once again This is his new acc that he uses to play every now and then https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198352037262/
  8. There you go again Fivez had the name of Nio4k and he used his mic so I know for a fact that fivez was Nio4k
  9. Coming back to the server after months of inactivity and the first few hours of being on the server and applying for mod straight up, is and sounds power hungry. And my response isnt based on our relationship its based on how you did your job, and unfortunately you did a poor job at it.
  10. This is correct. Sometimes my body will go flying, but it will only be on my side. The defibs work by using where the body is located on your end, but it revives the player where they died on the server's end.
  11. The position of corpses are CLIENT SIDE, that's why when someone dies in front of you on your screen, they could be revived from elsewhere from soneone elses perspective. For the most part, the corpse will be in the same location for most if not all people.
  12. Quebec


    Thanks, hope you continue to enjoy the server and forums 🙂
  13. oh ok thank you, are you being sarcastic?
  14. Dragoul you never had respect for me, i don't want to cause drama but calling me power hungry because i reapplied for a position that i stepped down from due to school doesn't seem unreasonable. If canoon did the same and came back (which he did) does that automatically make him power hungry? I want to make it clear that i have returned, I am building myself back from the start and look forward to enjoying this server again. I respect your opinion on me being a shit RPO but that doesn't give you the right to call me power hungry. Working on the staff team was one of the best moments on this server and me wanting to be involved with this server and its players again is something i would want to return too as soon as possible. Also claiming i was inactive is false, I formally told Deston i was leaving for school and he removed my rank, any other day beforehand i was on once a day. Deston even told me to reapply when i return, if you have a problem with me talk to him. I still respect your feedback and opinion though. -Dylo
  15. the response part, it's super long and detailed. You should 100% be staff.
  16. Thankyou very much eleventeen, but may I ask which part you're referencing?
  17. +1 I love that part in your application where you put so much effort into. Hope i see you on the staff team
  18. Suggestion Name: Defibs Issue Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): US Medic/Combat Medics (Defibs) ISSUE: So I've been noticing a glitch with the defibs were you are able to revive people on top of buildings and managing to revive people from like 15 metres away I'm honestly confused to how this works and I'm currently experimenting with the defibs to make it happen again and If I can make it happen I'll update this and provide video proof of it happening
  19. A Big Phat +1 We really need new maps.
  20. Neutral He's a alright guy, He knows how to follow orders, He's one of coolest medics. -Decent application, but answers could be longer. -Very mature
  21. +/- Not detailed enough event crafting, could improve the app
  22. Entralink


    Sad to see you go, you were a great Moderator. Hope everything goes well for you.
  23. Please Suggest, These are just a few maps I found.
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