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  2. +1 add ref based zionist, perhaps israel's greatest defender!!
  3. -1 attempted sexual intercorse with the thanksgiving turkey
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  5. Discord ID (name#2003): Jackal#0001 Discord alias/rank: Jackal What happened in your perspective?: I posted one piece cock gif and got banned by the community manager Why should we unban you?: Because thats all i did Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  6. Hello guys, I tried logging in to Colossal Gaming (CG) today, why the server not there? Since CG is not there anymore, I am leaving to join a superior server (Roblox MilRP) Shoutout to my favourite minorities @Miller @Miller @Miller
  7. i love having hot gay sex with dragons
  8. hello, i have been waiting about a year now for the update to drop, i cant even find the server anymore??? just interested in when my fav milRP server is coming back. Yours truly leader of the Rust Devils Miller "Deathstroke" vatican.
  9. Suggestion Name: Ranks & Squads - Grading System Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): idfk Add-on Pack (Optional): n/a Add-on Pack File Size: n/a Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Alright, since the server will go up SOON™ (God knows when) I have an simple yet elaborate plan to keep players active and probably prevent immediate burnouts. Since the update previews don't say any innovations made with the events and shit. Main meat: Add rank grading and permanent squads (Basically a fucking clan)! So what the fuck is rank grading Xhenoa? Basically this adds grades to the players' ranks (automatically) before they are eligible for promos! This eliminates most of the promos sheet tracking for players and sets an additional task for players. So how this works is that the grades are xp based (or can be points based per grade) and could be gained by doing capping objs, kills, whatever could be added, and etc., but the promos are still manually done by officers. I don't want to dictate on how will the xp curve and xp multipliers (or points) will be done but it could be made that it would take a bit more time, but also enjoyable and rewarding (flex and items/skins/etc.) for the players at the same time. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE NOT A DICTATION OF HOW SHOULD IT WORK: Kills - 1 pt Capping Objectives - 5 pts Holding Objectives - 1 pt per 5 seconds (idfk, probably don't count this because this is abusable) Revive - 2-3 pts every 5 revives etc. As you can see PVT - SGT is still time gated and most definitely 1LT and Beyond will always be. Now regiment and faction transfers are more fair (personal opinion), transferring to another regiment doesn't demote you, but resets your current grade to 1 and faction transfers just demotes you by 1 rank. Note: this is an example but you might aswell copy this (ripped from Black Squad) Now for permanent squads (a fucking clan per se, separate with the existing squads) How the fuck would clans work? The clan system would only function when there are minimum a of 6 players and max of 10 players and only will turn on in events. Now, there will be a leaderboard that will seasonally reset, top clan and their members gets some good shit by the end of the season. It would be great if it's a point system based on kills and deaths to make shit simple for example, but I ain't a dictator. EXAMPLE: 1 kill = +1 pt; 1 death = -1 pt Now if you're clanmate is on an enemy faction, killing him/her or dying from him/her doesn't count, simple. Note: this is ripped from black squad again End note: I just want to get this out of my system because I think this would really be beneficial for the server, add more shit, hijack the suggestion whatever, because this system can be modular by design
  10. my dearest associate barney on meth has created this application, and i know for a fact that he is deeply apologetic for his actions, as a result i think its only fair that he is unbanned for his actions. bunnings has always been a great place for your building needs, always contains the best of the best of the materials of the best for builkding and home love Bunnings has the sausages and i eat them sometimes because they taste great when i go in bunnings i am greeted by the employee and walk into the store and look in the isles for what i want if i cannot find it i then find the workers and ask them hello where is the thing i want and they take me to it and then they give me reccomendations once i have what i want sometimes i go to the plant section and occasionally buy something from the plant sections Once i have decided what i wanted to buy i then walk over to the cash register the person at the cash register says hello how are you i say i am good and how are you then they talk about their work sometimes and i ask if they are busy and if they say yes then i say well they dont pay you for nothing and laugh a little bit and then they say is that cash or card and i usually say cash and they ask if i am a member and i say yes and then they find me in the system and sometimes i get a discount or a reward after i have bought what i want and paid for it i walk over to the exit and then leave sometimes i think about what would happen if i work here i would think god bless all employees of our lord including myself and i would think today is a day to work at bunnings wareouse munno para west and get payed money but its not about the money i have plenty of of money from winning the lottery and because of that i dont really need much work because i am already rather wealthy if i worked at bunnings warehouse i would work hard for years on end until i become the general manager of all bunnings warehouses in the adelaide area and i will be happy i dont need the money but i will be happy working at bunningswarehouse and also at bunnings munno para west warehouse it is so big there is so much area in order to roam and peruse my way araound when you think of parusing sometimesi think of partachutes parachutes are like when you get out of a plane in the air and need to go on t he ground fast but also slow so you dont get hit but llike you are safe because the air is slowed town all the time its very funny sometimse when you see people going down on there and they scream becuase its so far in the air and it is kind of scary but when you think about it and when you choose to go down dont skydive into bunnings munno para west warehouse because i dont think they would be too happy about it because when you enter there store in a patrachute it will be such a conundrum because they are big and take up lots of space and takes many people to pack back up so when you think about it christmas could be done nicely at bunnings warehhouse munno para west they have so much tool and plants and equipment and i think if they really tried it could be the center of christmas celebraton in australia Як адна з усходнеславянскіх моў, беларуская мова мае шмат агульных граматычных і лексічных асаблівасцей з іншымі членамі гэтай групы. Руская, русінская, украінская і беларуская мовы ў пэўнай ступені захоўваюць узаемную зразумеласць. Яе папярэдні этап вядомы ў заходняй акадэміі як русінская (14-17 стст.), у сваю чаргу, паходзіць ад таго, што ў сучаснай лінгвістыцы называецца старажытнаўсходнеславянскай (10-13 стст.). Eric Clapton suffered a parent's worst nightmare on March 20, 1991. In a heartbreakingly tragic accident, Clapton's 4 1/2-year-old son Conor fell out of an open window in the high-rise. He was living in the New York condominium with his mother, actress and Italian television personality Lory Del Santo.20 Mar 2015 Professional, attention to details and very friendly. I went with my mum and sister to treat ourselves and stay together. They tried to accomodate us as much as possible, even if I booked within a short notice. I really appreciated how they advice you according to your type of hair and the result you want to achieve. Attention to details throughout the process and their friendly way to put you at ease is really remarkable and worth every single euro. I suggest everybody to try it. Amazing!! +1
  11. 1+ Pleaze uneyban ths absultue chead frem colas gameing plz i muss hem vryeyr muh plz
  12. +1, as the taliban leader of faithfuls, he should be able to communicate within the colossal gaming mil RP discord for his troops. I see this as bias as a staff member recently posted NSFW within the discord and he did NOT get punished
  13. This Man gave birth to me son unban him he did nothing wrong (the pic is me and him with his husband)
  14. +1 Mr Barney on Meth has shown a great amount of formality towards the Discord Ban Appeal guidelines. I believe he has learnt from his mistakes and should be brought back to the Discord as the thriving Leader of Faithfuls he is.
  15. Ban Appeal Template Discord ID (name#2003): Barney on Meth#8888 Discord alias/rank: Taliban Leader of Faithfuls Mr. Barney on Meth What happened in your perspective?: In an act of inexcusable stupidity, I (myself) committed several deeds of wrongdoing within the official Colossal Gaming Official Discord™ server, including but not limited to: Distribution of explicit content featuring coloured males of homosexual nature engaging in sexual activities, and the incorporation of several alternate (alt) Discord™ accounts into the official Colossal Gaming Discord™ Server without prior authorisation. Why should we unban you?: I am deeply apologetic for the heinous nature of such reprehensible and deplorable actions committed by myself, Barney on Meth, the majority of which have been listed in the paragraph above. It is my responsibility and my obligation to uphold the rules of the official Colossal Gaming Discord™ server to the best of my ability, and in this context I have failed to do so. If this request of reinstatement is approved by the Manager of the official Colossal Gaming Discord™ Server, I (Barney on Meth) will strive to prove myself and further refrain from infringing upon the rules of the official Colossal Gaming Discord™ Server. Evidence in your favor (Optional): At this current time, there is no evidence available to support the perspective of the perpetrator, Barney on Meth.
  16. Hello i would like to learn about your lego collection on nintendo
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