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  1. Yesterday
  2. this new isis Chief model to more accurately represent their hitbox Also 20 more ranks are being added just for you
  3. Cheaters don't get unbanned, unless they apply directly to feral.
  4. Wait out the ban. When you come back, try to be less toxic, or the ban message will become a familiar thing.
  5. +1 smokes for recon I like the idea of smokes for recon, limit them to higher-ups (SFC+) to make sure less lag & it will give some incentive to keep on the recon track as when people get to a high level they may leave as better snipers are unlocked in the shop.
  6. -1 No. Chris after Joel did a DB "why is a 7-year-old doing debrief?" him after getting muted because of that makes about 5/6 tickets, after tickets get deleted "bias staff"
  7. -1 You were banned because of your toxic attitude towards the community. There were several staff trying to explain to you the roleplay circumstances about being removed from a regiment. However all you wanted to do was yell and call the server, staff and players trash.
  8. Last week
  9. -1 You are very toxic for no apparent reason towards the community. Just wait it out.
  10. -1 man hacking not cool man 
  11. +1 Miller has shown while he has been an Officer of 75th Ranger's great responsibility and dedication to his position as an officer and I believe these are great skills needed to become a great staff member and I believe that he would show the same attitude towards his staff position if he was given the role of staff. Good Luck Furry man
  12. Hey man, I get it. We’ve all made mistakes in the past and I’m sure you don’t mean it. Everyone should be forgiven for their mistakes... -1 Cheaters don’t get unbanned.
  13. +1, works well in a team and when we was my commander he was nothing but respectful
  14. +1 Epic and has the qualities of being a mod
  15. +1 cool guy and follows rules would be good as mod.
  16. Cheaters don't get unbanned.
  17. Cheaters don't get unbanned.
  18. -1 Poor spelling + grammar suggests that it is a rushed appeal and you are one of the biggest minges I've seen in a long time, frankly I think you got off with a light punishment.
  19. well well well look who it is -1 flexed when he top fragged but was cheating for da whole time cheating is not good
  20. -1 you have no evidence to support your claims of never disrespecting the server/minging. This appeal looks very rushed and as this punishment was given out by Asatru I'm sure he made no mistake with it. Just wait it out or fix up your ban appeal.
  21. -1 You were very toxic towards player and staff. I believe you should wait the 1 week and 4days as you deserved it.
  22. -1 Cheating is very not good, anyway appeal is not gonna cut it, you gotta speak to big guy feral
  23. SteamID: STEAM_1:1:128268561 In-game alias/rank: PVT Chris Who banned you?: Asatu Ban Reason: Ming Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 3 weeks there is like 1 week and 4 days left Why should we unban you?: Because i never disrespected the serveror minged, i siad the staff sit i was in was shit because i felt that it was biast because the other person that was there was a staff member and was like best friends with them Evidence in your favor (Optional): i dont have any sorry
  24. Ban Appeal Template: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:88930847 In-game alias/rank: jiRo/Ultimate Who banned you?: No clue, maybe Canoon Ban Reason: Associated with hacking/Cheating Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permaban Why should we unban you?: It has almost been a year since the ban and I couldn't do anything about it but appeal, so that's what I did. I do have to admit, I did act childish with my first appeal and I'm genuinely sorry for my behaviour. I could've and should've been more mature towards the staff that handled the situation because they didn't deserve the way I was treating them. I've let the ban sit since then because I deserved it. However, I've returned. I'm here hoping for my 2nd and final chance at redemption. I apologise if this appeal isn't exceptional, I haven't properly written one before. Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  25. +1 Miller is a great member of the community and has shown his trustworthy by getting up the ranks and achieving Major of the 75th, the answer to your questions was decent to a good standard, I can see you as a staff member.
  26. +1 Do I really need to say? 1. He is a respected player on the server. 2. He is active player on the community. 3. he is trust worthy. 4. He helps others when they don't know what to do. 5. he is a kind person. 6. Great Maturity. 7. Great leadership skills. And more! Overall, Miller is a great player on the server, he will definitely help the community if he gets staff, Good luck Miller on your application for it.
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