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  5. Hello my name is Zynix. I have never introduce myself. I am a Admin on the server and I am Asian. I like Kpop and Anime. Currently: Malakand RDL was previously Delta Force and Marine. Anyways nice to meet you all and hopefully I get a chance to meet you all on the server.
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  7. Delta Force already has the hk 416. I don't see the need for it to be in another regiment. Every regiment has its own unique classes and weapons. The m16a3 is already a gun you can buy from the store. Most of the guns you have listed are ones that can be bought. If all the guns are ones that I can just buy, then there really is no point in being in it in the first place. You also haven't listed the amount of hp for the fire support and the sentry. I'm assuming the sentry is like a sentinel. A sentinel having a medkit is pretty op since you have extra hp, but it's not really Much of a difference. All the special classes get unique special weapons. Not many people would join the sentry class if they only had a pkm compared to the other special classes who have flamethrowers, dart guns, hk xm8 etc.
  8. Your not flagging as banned.
  9. Canoon

    Ban Appeal

    Yeah denied. If you can't follow the template, I can't expect you to follow the rules
  10. Denied Next appeal date: Never unless Canoon says otherwise
  11. Wow, this is getting too much please stop the toxicity and let us see a better point about you and I dont think anything on the forums like a joke effect your appeal.
  12. im already denied and everyone already thinks im a fuckface, and they'd be right
  13. Wow this got really toxic really fast, tone it down or you're sure to get denied
  14. Pretty much what Blaid said, I don't believe you were here when it was announced
  15. -1 You seem like a nice guy, but i've never seen you in-game (You probably have been on when I have just not seen you) , maybe you've been on when I haven't but I don't see you often, you have 89 hours which is close to the bare minimum, your app has little to no detail, I would like to see more activity and more effort put into app before I change my -1 to +1 .
  16. my chances were over before i even made this appeal, the fuck is the point of lieing and acting like the nice guy if it all means nothing, out of everyone here the last person i wanted to see was gizmo, the little shithead
  17. Looks like your chances are over...
  18. my apologies that you are siding with miller, im sorry you posses too little brain power to think from a neutral standpoint. im also sorry that your spastic ass thinks this application is a joke, and youre too retarded to realise that ripping a joke from an OOC chatbox and posting it here doesn't mean anything. its a shame your mother drank while pregnant with you, it really is. i hope you can accept my apology.
  19. Neutral I feel that you did put effort to this mod app however that i want people to experiance more on the server and have fun before applying for mod, whre i advice you that have fun and be on your best behaviour
  20. There is already an update coming eventually with approximately 5 new sub faction, I don’t think we need a new regiment with an update in its way.
  21. Neutral I've seen you around a bit as Sec-ops, and from what I've seen you've been sensibly and performing your duties, however on your app it also asks how well you are known among staff players as this is quite important. The answers to some of the questions to your app could also use a bit more time and effort. Overall I think spending some more time on the app could improve some people's opinion, as well as a bit more time on the server to get to know a few more people (especially staff), would help with the community's outlook on this app.
  22. Introducing more regiments may mean numbers are spread thin, and making more regiments with equipment that others have already used can make it boring/stale. Hostage rescue isn't such a new element to MilRP, so unless it can give a totally different experience, perhaps like spetsnaz, I can see no reason to adding another faction/regiment.
  23. Some changes and tweaks regarding balancing will be made. This is simply a rough idea for a new unit that specialises on recovery.
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