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Major Update Fully Released

This announcement is no longer active


Military RP Major Update Patch Notes (LATE 5th December)


Regiments Redone

-          New ranks have been added

-          Reduction of the amount of regiments to allow for more depth to regiments.

-          Taliban ranks have been renamed

-          Each regiment has around 5 classes. After trying out for a regiment and being put into the default class you will be able to try out for other classes.

-          Unique progression for each class (many new weapons)

-          The class system allows players to specialise further within their regiment and will allow leaders to utilise the different roles that their members bring

-          Each regiment will have an Officer/Chief class which will contain the leaders of the regiment who will be able to train and recruit people for all other classes

-          Added High Command and Minister regiment containing the highest ranking members of each faction


Guns Redone

-          All guns have been balanced meaning that any gun will be viable with the best non prestige guns having only slight improvements

-          Guns should overall feel better

-          Prestige guns now have perks that improve a certain aspect of the gun such as recoil, reload speed, clip size etc.


Money System Improvements

-          Earn money for capturing objectives

-          After achieving the level required for a gun you will need to use in game money to unlock it, the higher level the gun, the more money it will cost


Attachment Store

-          You will now need to buy the attachments for your gun with in game money


Remade Game mode

-          Completely new UI

-          Promotion system redone, gives commanders better overview of their regiment

-          Loadout System: Gives an overview of the player showing their primary and secondary gun as well as equipment and other information

-          The way you view unlocks for guns has completely changed


XP rates

-          Slowed down donator XP boosts

-          Increased levels from winning random events

Donation System

-          You can now upgrade your package by paying the difference between them

-          Each regiment will contain a donator class; players that have donated will be able to join that class after successfully getting into a regiment.

-          Removed being able to donate for levels

-          Many more new things to donate for


Note: This update is the biggest we have ever made so I might have missed a few things.


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