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    • As a side note maybe the sound bug could also be fixed
    • General ¬† Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:105141960 ¬† Steam Community Profile Page Link:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198170549649/ ¬† Current IN-Game Alias (Rank & Name):¬†¬†2LT DiniN3vi ¬† Most Commonly Known Alias {E.g. Deston):N3V ¬† Are you staff on any other servers within this community?:YES, as a Trial Moderator ¬† Have you been staff on any other communities (If so, list your position, community and at least one reference and their SteamID)?:NO ¬† How much game time on Colossal Gaming MilitaryRP do you have? (provided gametracker links/s):¬†318.48333¬†hours (https://www.gametracker.com/player/Mr.Dini-ttv/ [counting the AFK time too] ¬† What is your rank in-game (e.g.: USer, Respected, Gold, etc)?:GOLD ¬† Are you familiar with the administration mod known as ‚ÄėULX‚Äô?:YES, however i would need to familiarise myself again ¬† On a scale of 1 to 10, how well are you known throughout the community by both players and staff members?:¬†Community 7¬†| Staff 6 ¬† Are you currently in Colossal Gaming Steam group?:YES ¬† Do you follow and enforce the server rules to the best of your ability?:YES ¬† Do you accept that you cannot treat your friends any differently to ordinary players?:¬†YES ¬† Do you have a microphone that you can use to assist you while dealing with players?:YES ¬† Do you understand that Colossal server(s) are to be monitored sensibly and your duties are to be taken seriously at all times:YES ¬† Have you had any bans to date? If so, please explain to us why we should still accept you:I have been banned once for defib abuse where at that time I was new to the server and was still understanding the server rules. ¬† Communication Servers Agreement ¬† How often do you use the Official CG Discord servers?:Daily ¬† Questions ¬† Why should the staff team accept you as a Moderator on Colossal Gaming Military Roleplay? (minimum 100 words):¬†I want to join the staff team because i want to learn more and help the server, the players, and the admin, for them to enjoy the server more and helping new players to be familiarise with the rules. I also want to keep the server in check and protect the server from trolls‚Äô, minges‚Äô and rude and disrespectful people. I am fine working with people and learn from others. Even if i have to work with people who I dislike¬†or they dislike me, i will put up my best attitude and work with them and move on. I'm willing to listen and make no mistake unlike the first time where i got Trail Moderator where i will not follow those who abuse the Q menu. If i did do something wrong please come and talk to me, where i will never make the same mistake again. ¬† Discuss your ability to work in a team and give examples that demonstrate this:I work great in a team because I listen and follow rules where at times I would give my opinion from time to time to change someones‚Äô opinion. ¬† Discuss any past experience that you believe have impacted the server and player(s) positively:I have been a Trial Moderator before, and I have stopped minges from ruining other players experience and have tried to prevent RDM before. ¬† Describe your personality and speak a little about yourself:I am a fun person where sometimes i may be annoyed due to other players either being rude or not cooperating. I‚Äôm always looking for ways to help other people by giving ideas and opinions, where if they don't like the idea, I may look/think for other ideas.¬† In situations I need help where I lack of. I enjoy learning new things along the way and enjoy hard labours. If anyone thinks I need to chill down please tell me and the reason. ¬† Scenarios ¬† Scenario 1: A player with an attack heli has intentionally fired in front of the enemy base gates to kill someone with a bounty, but also killing players inside the base. A ticket is made by one of these bystanders and the attacker denies all the accusations saying it was an accident saying that there was no proof Question 1: As a Moderator, how do you react (minimum 50 words)? ¬† I would bring him to an admin/sit room and listen to the accused and the bystanders, I would ask bystanders for more information and ask a more experienced Moderator/Admin for guidance, then check logs and evidence like video if provided to provide me more information where then conclude my decision whether to give the accused a warning or a ban. ¬† Scenario 2: A Chief/Officer has been caught spawning in props to prop climb a wall despite previous warnings from staff for doing similar things. You tell him to stop but a few hours later another staff member catches him doing it. Question 2: As a Moderator, how do you react (minimum 50 words)? ¬† At first i would give the chief/officer a warning no to spawn props to prop climb, and if he was caught again by another staff i would discuss with that staff that he has been wasn before and let the current staff to decide whether the chief/officer gets a warn or ban ¬† Scenario 3: A Player is running around on the server and RDMing constantly. Despite previous warnings from other staff, this player is still on his murder spree. All the other staff has logged off and you are the only one left. You've encountered this player before and have found him to be quite the minge. Question 3: As a Moderator, how do you react (minimum 80 words)? ¬† I would Jailtp him into a admin room to prevent him from causing even more RDM and ask him why is the player RDMing people. I will give the player a moment to explain themself why they are killing other player¬†i will¬†then check the log and warns and if the player do have history of RDM, then only i will give the appropriate punishment by giving the player 2 day ban. RDMing other player who is enjoying the server will not be tolerated. ¬† Scenario 4: A well-known Player has Mass-RDMed a small squad of Players on his own team. This Player has been a very great member in the past, however recently you've observed that they are slipping up a lot. Question 4: As a Moderator, how do you react (minimum 80 words)? ¬† I would tp the player to a admin room and ask why did he RDM, and if the gave me a solid reason why he RDM i will give him a warning and tell him not to do it again. If he does RDM again i would¬†bring him into a admin room again and calmly ask why did he RDM again and let him explain himself, then i would ban him for 1-2 days depend on how badly the situation is.
    • +1 From my experiences with Syn he was super toxic 2 years back, but that was the old Syn i want to see the new syn. Afterall it has been 2 years and he has constantly been appealing his ban and he would not be doing that if he is just going to get unbanned to hack or be toxic towards the players. Give this man a second chance to prove himself¬†ūüĎć
    • I think that's because @Asatru¬†and I have seen quite a lot of the background stuff with your appeals which shape similar opinions on you being unbanned. We had been seniors throughout your past appeals. When it came to your appeals, we were spoken to about them. That's probably why we have different opinions to the community. And it's not being targeted by staff. Asatru nor I are staff anymore. I am purely giving my opinion based on previous events I've witnessed.
    • Let me prove to you guys I've changed, if I do get unbanned how am I gonna cause a bunch of drama and destroy the server if I have every single staff member and members of the community in general watching me?
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