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    • The real question is, why not?
    • Did u actually use the cheat in game?
    • -1 i honestly dont think you be unban for hacking, its ruins the game for everyone and its sucks 
    • SteamID: STEAM_0:1:159764365 STEAM_0:0:212924474 In-game alias/rank: US MSGT Kitty Who banned you?: Pope Ban Reason: Cheating Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining):Perm Why should we unban you?: I use the cheats for testing on a server whos name I will leave out due to someone will get mad at me for advertising other servers, I used the cheats and sent them to an administrator (brad) and was not caught but I admitted to it, its been a few weeks and I am ready to come back and play again, as well as I only enabled the cheats then and there never before, you can look at my KD and progress in events and see. I would like to deeply apologize and I am aware that what I did was wrong, all im asking for is a second chance. Evidence in your favor (Optional): A lot of video of me playing, I don't want to upload a weeks worth of footage though.  
    • The first example is RDM.  Spetsnaz cannot kill the US unless US enter spetsnaz base without PTE or are held prisoner inside spetsnaz base. Make a ticket. Back on FS2 I used to watch allies die all the time from inside the base.  Often players wont shoot out of their base unless they want to and have a good shot.  You can't shoot through most of the walls around Spetsnaz base so they probably ignored the fighting outside thier base. Spetsnaz should not be working with Taliban in normal RP.  Sometimes 'armed civilians' are used during events but events are not normal RP.  If you have an issue with what you think may be failRP make a ticket and staff will resolve the issue.  
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