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  1. +1 ID's could help a lot with tali and us RP, with the killfeed I gotta give that a neutral cause myself I like to see my name in the kill feed when I wipe 4-5 men in a row 🙂
  2. +1 this application is very well written and he has a wide variety of knowledge about Wrestling 🙂
  3. -1, The App is Rushed and you have even missed some of the general questions. I also recommend maybe extending your responses as Tander also stated. I will consider changing my response if I can see an improvement. GL
  4. Thank you nSkillz for highlighting the best US regiments, if I ever decide to join I know what regiment I'm joining for sure!
  5. *dodge* miss me with that gay shit
  6. hi wheelchair bandit fsdt gang member

  7. I'm alive, few weeks and I'll be back ready for action.
  8. Hello Forum Moderator Clarence nice to make your acquaintance 🙂
  9. Sloppy

    the cg bus trip

    10/10 would bus trip again.
  10. Great video dude 🙂 I am subbing right now.
  11. Sloppy


    Hello Dazza sad to see you don't play the server anymore, but welcome to the forums
  12. Just removing the obvious choice, no it was not me.