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  1. Raptor, you should have consulted Graham before taking this to the forums. Cowboy has been putting in a lot of sincere effort to apologise for the stress his joke caused. This isn't a ban issue it was more of a reputation/relation issue that Cowboy has already been doing his best to deal with. My personal opinion is that Cowboy has taken this very seriously and doesn't deserve the exposure that this thread may create.
  2. Neutral I like your app but I'm not sure that you're active enough. If you became trial mod how many hours per day would you be active? If you can commit to being active over the next week I'll come back for a +1. Does one of your ancestors happen to be Sheogorath?
  3. Don't worry your not actually the first person to do that
  4. Seems to actually want to play the server this time around and hopefully will be smart enough not to minge and do something stupid. IMO let him back on the server but keep the perm ban on his warn lists record. Any major misdemeanours before building a better reputation and its straight to the perm ban again. Of course, he should still serve a ban of some length for the massy.
  5. It would be physically impossible to stack that many people vertically and on a lean. Next time you just should adopt the pyramid technique. It wouldn't fail RP because it's a legitimate technique used IRL. To be fair on the staff team please don't do it during an event even if it is Taliban brief.
  6. +1 I don't know how Gmod works but could we do a weekly cycle of current and jungle map? I also like the old dessert map but I think older players dislike it.
  7. 1+ Really good player. Is doing a lot of work to revive RP.
  8. -1 You forgot event crafting. Your tendency to rage at players and troll with Q menu would be an issue as staff.
  9. I said makes me want to. Doesn't actaully effect my response.
  10. lol, good demonstration there Frankie. You have a clear understanding of English far better than my own. I'm just a social science student in my last semester of a history Major so I rely on reading sentences aloud and using Grammarly :P. All jokes aside, I still think it is important that future apps be made with far more time and effort.
  11. No one in the US was online that hadn't been AFK dragged to Tali jail. No one in the US was online that hadn't been AFK dragged to Tali jail. you quoted this and yet still posed those questions? pretty much
  12. Yeah, I agree that it doesn't reflect their potential as staff. However, I think people would get better reactions to their applications if they kept the layout formal and well structured.