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  1. @Ghett Fahct Your response shows a lack of maturity, if you can’t actually think up of a reason to -1 me, don’t respond on my app, dont just copy nana, whose response I respect. I know you dislike me but you need to find a legitimate issue with me.
  2. +1 At first I was going to do a neutral but after speaking to him I have realised the reason I wouldn’t +1 him is personal distaste, he has become less mingey and more mature In the past week or so Good luck
  3. -1 While he is active, I have not had very many positive experiences with him. also, this application is unfinished as there is no event crafting. This app looks rushed too, I can tell you dont really want em if you can’t put in the effort to capitalise letters and spell because fully. Bad experiences Bad app
  4. -1 you litterally joined the server 2 weeks ago... You break multiple rules, you think you deserve a q menu / power Play the server for another month and I will re-consider
  5. +1 I have never had an issue with asatru, he is a well known, active member of the community Good luck in your application 🙂
  6. Neutral While the em app looks like you have put time into it... the fact that you are responding to every post makes you seem a little un-professional, I recommend only replying to the comments that tell you something that you can change in ur app not just replying to a +1 because you want your app to be on the recent topics tab. Besides that, I only sometimes see you in game and when I do it isnt the greatest, good, not great
  7. He didn’t get demoted because he was a bad / abusive em so I feel like it would be nice if he is reinstated as em. He previously made great events, you just need to work on your dB delivery. +1
  8. -1 Here is one of helium’s quotes - “every time rhys says something I loose braincells” He has also stopped a raid with his physgun because even though people were saying they were out of DB in OOC he still thought it was DB I can’t understand his debriefs at all, he talks too fast (and my eyes hurt)
  9. -1 No event crafting (ctrl c, ctrl v ain’t hard) You can’t just stop an event because you need to go afk, you will get soooo much shit from the community for doing that, get someone to take over
  10. I have a massive issue with this personally, you should ask how you can improve instead of having a sook and demoting them because you can’t take criticism. Free speech is a thing. It’s like if you were a mod and I said I think you handled the sit poorly you ask what you did wrong and learn. if you can’t bear criticism you shouldn’t be an EM Also you don’t need to put multiple consecutive replies, do one while quoting multiple things You are also missing: game mode and how long the event runs for, I know you say place down all 3 points or whatever but you still need to say it. -1 unless you change scenario 1 since the event crafting is average I will bump it up to a neutral if you can change it. You also seem a bit immature at times but idk might just be me thinking that.
  11. +1, I love this Suggestion HOWEVER the shield health would have to be increased significantly higher while held, 500 hp wont last long when you have 3 tali with kn-44s shooting at you
  12. +1 schmackoo is a mature, active member of the community, event crafting looks good too