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  1. Echo

    Cowboy Ban Report

    This isn't something that the server staff team deal with. If this happened on teamspeak, you could contact a teamspeak admin, but anything on discord is not ours to deal with. If you have server admins on your discord get them to deal with the issue.
  2. I literally just played the server on Friday. I come on every few days, but as school work is becoming more predominant in my life, I cannot come on the server as often. Edit: To add to my point, I had to remove numerous posts and hand out warnings from when you thought it ok to target a staff member and harass them. I also think that your actions there do not bode well with your application.
  3. This is my opinion. I do not think that you deserve this position, no matter how much you think you have "changed". If you cannot handle criticism, then that just further proves that you are not ready or capable for a position on the server as staff.
  4. I think I was high when I replied because A) I dont remember replying to his comment B) Looking at his joke it was really obvious also womble is a faggot who makes good videos
  5. "please dont record it" hmmmm doesnt sound like he consented to this
  6. Who banned you? If they didn't tell you to turn it off or ask if you were using one, and straight out banned you, I do not feel that is fair.
  7. When you say "doing my job" what job was this exactly?
  8. why didnt you tell staff instead of recording it edit: yes its nice to have proof but from the video it seems you didnt even attempt to rectify the situation or tell them not to go behind blue
  9. if they dont follow fearrp call a staff member if we gave riot all the things that MP have MP would become obsolete
  10. -1 I felt the way you acted as an event master reflects how I think you will act as mod I personally just do not think you deserve this position
  11. I like this idea, would work well for events in which we want to play with air superiority. Always wanted an event map that focus on infantry and aerial combat
  12. +1 Wikka is a long time player, he has a good sense of humour and can be serious when he wants to be. He is a top bloke to play with.
  13. +1 we need this to combat the recent return of the space isis
  14. -1 the knife is a reward for long time members unless you can think of something other than "shotgun regiment" I dont feel this is needed, sorry mate