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  1. PHAT +1 You have shown lots of maturity lately and you are a nice guy would make a good addition to the staff team. As you said both open that's good 🙂
  2. Here are all the files on the server at this current time. Note this changes if Feral adds or gets rid of mods. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=827022393
  3. +1 Very nice guy, you can always go up to him and have a good chat which is key for a TS Admin so keep it up 🙂
  4. ❤️

  5. @Echo It's the time zones I'm in NZ so it's two hours in front for me and two hours behind for you. I'm sure if you ask around you can find people who see me on the server quite a bit 🙂
  6. @Dusky I don't see how I dealt with the situation in a bad way but I guess that is your opinion, and the reason that I wasn't on for those reasons was for IRL things *But let's not take this on* but besides the point thanks for giving me some luck 🙂 And Mundy thank you for the feedback 🙂
  7. -1 Because it seems like you didn't put much time into your application if you put more effort into it and make your answers more in-depth and instead it using "Cuz" use cause 😐