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  1. if you mess up you cant just have a rant at the person who took your ticket. You messed up you take the punishment life is hard get over it.
  2. Razi ♛

    Tattoo Ideas

    a Gatorade bottle for remembrance of your glass "drink" bottle
  3. Just having Computer problems this is why you dont buy a rental jk love you wikka
  4. use to be serious but now he got demoted trying to be a meme but its not working... good luck on anything again.
  5. well he came out of Taliban spawn in my eyes it looks like a miss-click that does happen a lot.
  6. +1, Steve as been with colossal for a long time, he is really friendly towards players and staff. Good Luck with your respected application.
  7. -1, sorry but respected are for people that show respect towards the server and are very serious towards the community not for a "Living Meme"
  8. 1st of all a commuinity ban for someone saying "AHAHAHA U GOT DEMOTED GOOD JOB XD" is a bit unrealistic in a way but i can see why Simon banned him, I think the ban time should be reduced for a appropriate time. +1
  9. +1 Wikka is well known in this commuinity, I remember he tried to apply for Event Master but his laptop kept crashing and he lost everything and then he smashed the laptop and then a few months later he pruchased a computer mainly to play this server. Wikka's dedication is brilliant towards the server and has been with colossal for a long time. Wikka likes to have fun but at the end of the day he is really serious, all is hours into Garry's Mod have been put into Colossal Gaming, I think wikka deserves this position because he has alot of knowledge about Garry's Mod and Colossal Gaming he will know how to handle situations because he has been playing for a long time and he is familiar with how people roll. Good luck Wikka Btw your still shit at siege
  10. +1 very mature has been granted the rank captain aswell so that means he has alot of trust within the community with his rank, you would be perfect for this role. And make sure to tell hype to stop trying to pay me for promotions, from Razi 🙂
  11. Even though this is not related to CG it still means he is very untrusted
  12. M O R E I N A C T I V E T H E N M E