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  1. +1 dragoul is bad at rainbow six siege
  2. i'm being completely unironic and unsarcastic in saying that this would have more RP than anything else on the server except turtle adoption atm
  3. Malicious racism isn't allowed anywhere.
  4. what if I told you that the update is already out
  5. Frankie Steam I am generally unsure on my community wide staffing status Tyger. User? Yes 9 and 3/4 Yes Yes Unless I am bribed Soundboard? Yes Often Yes Becoming a teamspeak administrator would be pretty cool, allow me to ban people who eat their microphones and doesn't insufficient join power of anything. I don't really think that any individual staff member can create gigantic impact on a server unless they're really good at long and persuasive forum posts, but I'll do my best to be a cool guy who is fair and doesn't commit random and inexplicable punishments / actions on people. S1: Ask for proof. If there is none, watch for them to join another time and see if they're being wankers. If they are, hammer. If they're not, I'll go grump somewhere else and investigate more thoroughly if I get annoyed poked again. S2: Apologise. Apologise. Arguing or defending yourself against people who have waited an hour and half unless you were resuscitating a dead child or saving a kitten from a fire is generally pointless. Apologise. S3: If they're playing on the server or general seem nice and reasonable, give them verified user (not being able to chat sucks). If they're not very nice; or otherwise suspicious people, I wouldn't give them verified user and instead I would ask them to stop being silly if they want to stay on the TS. QUESTIONS DID NOT PASTE PROPER SORRY
  6. think i,ve got it In all seriousness though, I don't think someone's grammar is really any indication of their potential skill as a staff member. I'm very much capable of writing like a nerd formally, but all of my TS chats and most of my forum posts look more like this. I agree that stupid colours and fonts suck though. Write normally, use bold or italics sparingly for emphasis or headings.
  7. restrictions on signatures have been loosened
  8. +1 Tristin David has been a great and mature guy since back in 2008 when Colossal was first founded
  9. Frankie


    I think I'm in a fairly unique position to say this in that I've avoided the inevitably formed cliques around here and I've spread my wings across and maintained open communication with just about all staff and regular players across Colossal Gaming™ If you ever feel compelled to harass someone over what are essentially actions of gameplay that ultimately have no reward of value- whether that be recreational hacking, banning, killing, whatever; then you need to start thinking about more than your dumbass military (or staff) rank. What end will it bring you? There's a reason you'll generally notice that adults on the server will involve themselves in this bullshit a great deal less, and that's because they know there is no end. Those who harass will get a brief period of sourly earned satisfaction; those who are harassed will probably come out disgruntled, annoyed - or depressed. I'm not going to delve into mental health because i'm not qualified to, but people have self harmed because of a whole lot less. There's obviously recent and ongoing events that have sparked this, but not necessarily as you may think. I may personally even argue that recent events have not reached a level that is particularly drastic or bullish, but the mob mentality that's surrounded them leaves a bad omen for what could always escalate to far, far worse. I'd love to say that I trust people around here and around Gmod, around game servers in general to know when they should stop - but I don't. "x should harden up" is often a valid argument, but burning down a house doesn't make it fireproof. Don't feel like you have to babysit everyone, but think about the benefit to you vs the detriment to others when you're talking the dumb shit that you inevitably will.
  10. Who gives an actual fuck dude? Yeah, he shouldn't have done that. It was, for all intents and purposes, abuse. But how does it affect you? Why does him not dying matter? He didn't want to die because he was busy doing tryouts; which any reasonable person should just avoid interfering in anyway. What does him dying or not dying do to you? If people on Gmod servers stopped caring about random, ultimately non consequential bullshit, they would be much nicer places. Staff are volunteers who have the role to keep a bunch of cynical overbearing children from getting angry. They should be going to efforts to keep the playerbase happy, but at the same time, the playerbase is very difficult. Staff can be forgiven for trying to not hate life. -some guy, 2018
  11. I would be more inclined to loosen restrictions if I didn't despise just about every signature I see.